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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us.  We’d like to help.  

    Packages start at $125.00 (plus tax). This price also includes delivery and pick-up (in most areas), your choice of mix, use of our 5 gallon pre-measured mixing bucket, skirted table, extension cord, operating instructions, cups, straws, and salt-rimmer with salt. We have a package designed for you!

    Our machines are easy to operate. One of our trained professionals will set up the machine where you want

    it. He will mix your first batch and show you how to operate the machine. We leave clear printed

    instructions, as well. All you need is electricity and water. Alcohol is optional. NO ICE NEEDED.

    We will provide you with one batch of margaritas (or five gallons of mix). One batch will make about 75 eight ounce drinks (recommended size). The machine will hold about one whole batch. Our experience shows that usually half or more guests drink the frozen drinks even if you offer a choice of other

    beverages. We recommend one batch for every 25 frozen beverage drinkers. Extra mix (2 1/2 gallons) is $12.00 and will make 35-40 eight ounce drinks. A whole batch requires the purchase of two mixes. The mix is refundable if unopened. If more guests are expected, a second machine is strongly recommended or the machine will not perform properly. Ask about our multi-machine rental discounts! The customer provides any and all liquor used

    Indoors, about 30 minutes. Outside on warm days, up to one hour. There is no waiting between batches because you add to the top reservoir when "Mix Low" light comes on.

    Our mix is non-alcoholic and tastes great with or without liquor. If you want liquor, you are welcome to add it to the mix. A medium strength batch of frozen drinks calls for 2 liters of tequilla or rum. For planning purposes, keep in mind that each batch (five gallons of mix) serves about 75 eight ounce drinks. You are responsible for purchasing any and all liquor used.

    Yes you can! Let's say you started with Margaritas and want to now serve Rum Runners. After a quick rinse with water in our pre-measured bucket and the machine will be producing a new flavor to your guests in about 30 minutes. If you want to be able to serve two different flavors at one time, we suggest renting two machines.

    Absolutely! You can serve Strawberry Daiquiris, Strawberry Margaritas, Rum Runners, Pina Coladas, Louisianna Hurricanes, Peach Bellinis, Lemon Freezers... All mixes can be made without alcohol which is why they are great for KIDS' Parties too! BE PREPARED! We recommend purchasing additional mixers

    ($12 each) since your guests will love the frozen drinks you serve. All unopened mix is refundable.

    We recommend two weeks. We strongly suggest as far in advance as possible for holiday seasons and traditional party dates like Halloween, New Year's Eve, and Mardi Gras).