Six Questions To Ask Before Renting A Margarita Machine For Your Next Party
1.  Does the mix you provide contain real fruit?
2.  What is the water to mix ratio used to create the frozen drinks?
3.  Does the machine run continuously?
4.   How long before the drinks are ready?
5.  If the machine is running low, can I add a new batch before we run out?
6.  Can the machine be used for my outdoor event?

Six Reasons to Rent from Us Over Our Competition

1. Our fruit drinks contain real fruit vs. our competitors who’s mix contains concentrated sugar, gum, and syrup!  Plain and simple!  Our frozen drinks taste like real fruit and not like imitation  flavors.  
2. We use 3:1 mix vs. our competitors who use a 5:1 or 7:1 ratio!  Our mix calls for three parts water to one part mix resulting in better tasting beverages.
3. Our machines turn off when the mix is ready vs. our competitors who’s machines run and run and run. Don’t let the added noise interfere with your celebration.
4. Our machines make their first batch in 30 minutes vs. our competitor’s machines that can take up to  2 -3 hours!  Some of their machines have plastic bowls, where as, all of ours are made of stainless steel. The material used to make these bowls impacts the length of time it takes to freeze the mix.  
5. Our machines allow for continuous new batches vs. our competition’s machines that must be emptied before beginning it’s next batch!  With the stainless steel bowls in our machines, your guests will not have to wait 2-3 hours while the new batch freezes.
6. Our machines can be used outdoors for your event vs. our competitor’s machines that must be used inside to function properly.

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